About COSA

Who are we?

Customers of SirsiDynix Australasia Inc. (COSA) is an independent user group for sites using one of SirsiDynix's integrated library systems (Symphony, Unicorn, Horizon and Dynix Classic). COSA is financed through institutional membership subscriptions. It promotes communication amongst its members and with similar user groups around the world.

The group holds an annual conference, organised in conjunction with SirsiDynix, to allow the user community to exchange knowledge and ideas as well as facilitate networking and training opportunities. COSA also maintains a private listserv (cosa-l) to allow for communication and discussion on issues that pertain to the Australian, New Zealand and Asia Pacific region and its customer base.

COSA offers a mechanism to represent the interests of SirsiDynix customers in the region and to maintain a constructive and collaborative relationship with SirsiDynix. COSA works with SirsiDynix to influence system development for the benefit of Australasian/APAC region customers.

The current COSA committee comprises:

President: Lloyd Brady
Public Libraries Victoria
Email: lloyd.brady@plv.org.au   
[ILS: Symphony, Type: Public, Location: VIC]


Past President: Nathan Turner
City of Parramatta Library
Email: nturner@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au
[ILS: Symphony, Type: Public, Location: NSW]


Treasurer:  Bruce Morgan
City of Parramatta Library
Email: bmorgan@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au
[ILS: Symphony, Type: Public, Location: NSW]


Secretary: [vacant]


Publicity officer/Board member: Adam Cath
Kotui, National Library of NZ,
Email: adam.cath@dia.govt.nz
[ILS: Symphony, Type: Public, Consortia member, Location: NZ]


Board member: Jeremy Macpherson
Brisbane City Libraries
Email: jeremy.macpherson@brisbane.qld.gov.au 
[ILS: Symphony, Type: Public, Location: QLD]


Board member: Titian Brady
Kingston Information and Library Service
Email: titian.brady@kingston.vic.gov.au
[ILS: Symphony, Type: Public, Location: VIC]


Board member: Yolande Binfield
Yarra Libraries
Email: yolande.binfield@yarracity.vic.gov.au
[ILS: Symphony, Type: Public, Location: VIC]